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Bitcoin FREE 9am to 11pm ET $200 Min; No max
Bank Wire FREE 9am to 11pm ET $2000 Min; Max $10,000
P2P FREE 9am to 11pm ET $200 Min; Max $1000

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betagame 2022 first time and reup bonuses

Special Deposit Promotions

Last Man Standing Contest

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Last Man Standing Contest

Weekly Football Squares

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Weekly Football Squares

33 Club

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World Cup bracket contest

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World Cup 2022 bracket contest

March Madness Bracket Contest

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2022 March Madness contest

Terms and conditions

We have deposit methods that are not advertised, please contact [email protected] for details.

Deposits by credit/debit card, require a 5x rollover and a 7 day hold before withdrawing amount of deposit.

Sportsbook Free – Play Rewards can only be used for Sportsbook wagering . Free-Play Rewards may be used for straight wagers only . They can not be used for Parlays , Casino , Horse Racing , and MoneyLine wagers over +/- 120 . Additional restrictions may apply.

Amount of deposit and bonus cannot be withdrawn until 7 days after deposit and the customer has met the rollover requirement.

Wagers in the casinos and racebook do not count towards rollover requirements.

Rollover amounts for each wager are based on the lesser amount of risk or win in each selection.

Please contact us to confirm that your account is eligible for a bonus.

All bonuses must be claimed by the customer, (via phone, email, or Live Chat) within 24 hours of deposit. You must have not submitted any wagers before requesting the bonus. If you submitted a wager, you can’t receive a bonus on that deposit.

Bonus-hunters are not welcome.

Management reserves the right to confiscate the reward of any player(s) deemed to be taking advantage of our program. This will only be applicable when the deposited funds, which have earned a reward, are redeemed.

Person to person deposits will have the fees reimbursed for deposits of $300 and over.

Fees paid by us for deposits by Person to Person are subject to a 5x Rollover and a 7 day hold of the deposit amount before the amount of deposit can be withdrawn.

It is a violation of these bonus policies, that a member open multiple accounts for the purpose of receiving multiple bonuses. If a member is found to engage in this activity, all accounts will be subject to immediate closure.

If a member has multiple accounts, all promotional bonuses or credits achieved and winnings produced from the account will be void and subtracted from the account.

Any customer found to be playing steam plays or who is found to be part of a gambling organization as well as those who misuse our bonus and promotions program will have all promotions cancelled and all winnings from them will be forfeited and cancelled.

Once a bonus has been received it cannot be forfeited by the customer and all terms and conditions regarding bonuses must be followed before any payouts are issued.

For rollover determinations, the lesser amount between the risk and the win on each eligible wager is the one that is measured.

Rollover amount can be determined by adding your deposit and bonus together times the amount of rollover you were assigned when you accepted the bonus.

Typically, $1000 is the maximum bonus unless other arrangements have been made.

The risk amount of a free play does not count towards any of the rollover.

Rollover means you must wager the quantified amount at least that many times before requesting a payout.

Bonus with a 5 time rollover prerequisite, you would need an amount of $750 ($100 of the deposit plus the bonus amount given x 5) in action prior to requesting for a payout.

Once you have received a bonus, you cannot request a payout until the rollover obligation has been met.

Rollover calculations start from the moment the first wager is placed, after a deposit has been made, unless otherwise specified in the bonus terms and conditions.

Rollover calculations do not include any pending wagers. Only wagers that are settled and have a status of win or loss are tallied in the rollover report.

Wagers that result in a termination due to postponed events or the wager resulting in a push or no action do not count towards the rollover.

In the event that a Free Play wager results in an annulment or No Action, the customer must contact our wagering department by calling in or via email in order to discuss the amount risked and have it be refunded to your free play balance and permitted to be wagered at a later time.

Promotions cannot be used with other bonuses or promotions.

Restrictions apply on circled and limited games.

Betagame considers wagering on both sides of the game using any form of promotional money (free play or cash bonus) duplicitous conduct. This includes making bets of this nature with anyone of our affiliate sites, and any money won from playing both sides of the same game will be deducted along with any other promotional money endorsed to the customer and may result in annulment of the client’s wagering account and may also accrue other penalties based on the offense.

Wagering on both sides of the same game for the sole determination of finishing a rollover obligation is absolutely forbidden and such wagers will not count towards the rollover requirements and any winnings resulting from such activity will be overturned.

BTC sent with ‘Replace By Fee’ not fully confirmed within 48 hours will result in transaction and any winnings being voided.

All promotional offerings and policies are solely at the discretion of Betagame and are subject to annulment or alteration without warning or prior notice.

Betagame reserves the right to change any rollover requirement at any time to accommodate for any previous payouts and other transactions previously done in the account without prior notice or need for notification.

These Bonus and Promotions rules will overwrite any verbal or written offering by any Betagame employee.

Deposit rollover requirements

Deposit bonus Rollover requirement
100% Free Play 18 times (deposit + bonus)
75% Free Play 14 times (deposit + bonus)
50% Free Play 9 times (deposit + bonus)
25% Free Play 5 times (deposit + bonus)

Deposit bonus Rollover requirement
50% Cash Bonus 20 times (deposit + bonus)
25% Cash Bonus 10 times (deposit + bonus)